Spanish variation of Latin
"luck, fate, wealth"

Fortunata Origin and Meaning

The name Fortunata is a girl's name of Spanish, Latin origin meaning "luck, fate, wealth".

Brimming over with a sense of good fortune. Could make a little girl feel very lucky.

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Famous People Named Fortunata

  • Saint Fortunataa very minor 4th,century martyr
  • Maria Fortunata Viti (born Anna Felicia Viti)beatified Italian nun
  • Maria Fortunata d'Estethe last Princess of Conti

Fortunata in Pop Culture

  • Fortunatawife of Trimalchio in Petronius's 1st,century CE novel "The Satyricon"
  • Fortunatacharacter in "Fortunata and Jacinta" by Benito Perez Galdos ("a girl of the streets, a ravishing beauty whom the handsome, feckless Juanito Santa Cruz seduces and abandons. Perez Galdos treats with sympathy her attempt to achieve respectability and her loosening hold on sanity.")
  • Fortunatahealer fox in "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques
  • Fortunataprotagonist of "Fortune's Folly" by Deva Fagan
  • Feminine equivalent of Fortunato