"a woman who abstains"

Fatimah Origin and Meaning

Variation of Fatima

Fatimah Popularity

Famous People Named Fatimah

  • Fatimah bint Muhammadyoungest daughter of Prophet Muhammad
  • Fatimah BusuMalaysian novelist
  • Fatimah HashimMalaysian revolutionary and politician
  • Fatimah elSharif, Queen consort of Idris of Libya
  • Fatimah bint Asadmother of Ali bin Abi Talib, the fourth caliph of Islam
  • Fatimah AbdullahMalaysian politician
  • Fatimah TuggarNigerian,American artist
  • Fatimah binte Abdul LateefSingaporean politician
  • Fatimah binte Sulaiman aka the Sultana of GowaSingaporean merchant and philanthropist

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