"delicate or judged"

Dena Origin and Meaning

The name Dena is a girl's name of English origin meaning "delicate or judged".

The modern name Dena can be considered to come from either of two Old Testament names. Adina, which means delicate, was the name of a male soldier in the Bible. Dinah, meaning judged, Dinah was the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Dena is a common name in Amish communities.

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Famous People Named Dena

  • Dena KaplanSouth African,Australian actress
  • Dena Yobadaughter of American actor Malik Yoba
  • Dena AbergelAmerican ballerina and teacher
  • Dena AtlanticAmerican actress
  • Dena DietrichAmerican actress
  • Dena HeadAmerican basketball player
  • Dena HigleyAmerican author and soap opera writer
  • Dena LandonAmerican novelist
  • Dena TaurielloAmerican drummer of band Antigone Rising

Dena in Pop Culture

  • AltadenaLos Angeles, California, USA
  • Alta Dena dairy company