"from the island of Cythera"

Cytherea Origin and Meaning

The name Cytherea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "from the island of Cythera".

Cytherea, a place-name that is the home of Aphrodite, seems stuck in ancient Greece.

Famous People Named Cytherea

  • Cytherea (born Cassieardolla Story)American adult film actress

Cytherea in Pop Culture

  • Cytherea Grayeheroine of Thomas Hardy's "Desperate Remedies" (1871)
  • "I had seen her name on a bag at the station and wondered what she would be like – Cytherea! A lovely nameanyhow." [H. G. Wells, "Brynhild," 1937]
  • Epithet of Aphroditetaken from the name of the island Cythera, which was sacred to her.
  • "The Embarkation for Cythera" a Rococo painting by Watteau.
  • Cythareathe spelling used by 17th,century poet Anne Finch
  • Possibly related to the French name Quitterie. Saint Quiteria is sometimes depicted as a swordwielding guerrilla fighter.