Alcina Origin and Meaning

The name Alcina is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "strong-willed".

Alcina is an operatic name, best-known as the name of the beautiful sorceress of the eponymous Handel opera drawn from the Orlando poems. Alcina and her sister Morgana live on an island where Alcina seduces every passing sailor but once their novelty wears off, changes them into plants, rocks, or animals. Alcina comes with modern-sounding short forms Alcie or Alsie, which feel more baby-ready now that names such as Elsie, Elsa, and Isla are becoming popular again.

Famous People Named Alcina

  • Alcina Lubitch DomecqGuatemalan author

Alcina in Pop Culture

  • "Alcina" opera by G.F. Handel and its main character