Columbine Origin and Meaning

The name Columbine is a girl's name meaning "dove".

A beautiful flower name deriving from the Latin word for dove. Sadly, in America this name is now forever linked with a tragic terrorist attack on a Colorado high school.

Famous People Named Columbine

  • Columbine Goldsmithphotographer and filmmaker

Columbine in Pop Culture

  • Columbine High Schoolin Littleton, Colorado, was the site of a deadly mass shooting in 1999 by Eric "Reb" Harris & Dylan Klebold.
  • Columbinemouse in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques
  • Columbinestock character in harlequinades
  • Columbinea delicate two,colored flower
  • Literally "dovelike or of doves; pale dove,grey"