Greek mythology name
"war cry"

Alala Origin and Meaning

The name Alala is a girl's name meaning "war cry".

This name of the mythological sister of Mars might be used for a girl born under one of the signs ruled by the planet Mars--Aries or Scorpio. She is the personification of the war cry.

Alala is pronounced ah-LAL-ah, like Malala. A rare name in the modern world, it fits right in with all the trends double-L names like Leila and Lola.

Alala in Pop Culture

  • Personification of the warcry in Greek mythology. She was an attendant of the war god Ares, whose horrific battle,cry was her name: Alale alala!
  • "Alala" song by Brazilian band CSS
  • Similar to Alaleha Persian name meaning "buttercup"