Zye-AIR or Zye-heer
Modern invention, or a variation of Zaire, Zahir or Zuhair

Zyheir Origin and Meaning

The name Zyheir is a boy's name .

Zyheir could be an variation of the African American names, Zaire and Zyaire, which derived from the previous name for a country in Central African, now known as The Republic of Congo. Said to mean "river swallowing rivers", in reference to the Congo River, the name entered the US Top 1000 in 1999, having grown in popularity since 1997, perhaps in response to the civil war.

Zyheir could also be a variation of several Arabic names, including: Zahir, which means "protection" or "helper"; Zya (also spelled Ziya) meaning "splendour" or "light, or Zuhair (also spelled Zuhei and Zohair) meaning "flower" or "blossom".

It may draw elements from all of these sources, or be an invented name, taking the prefix Zy- and combining it with the word "heir".

Given to around 40 boys in 2023, Zyheir has slowly been growing in use since 2006.