Diminutive of Vincent, Latin

Vin Origin and Meaning

The name Vin is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "conquering".

Minimalist nickname via XXX star Diesel (born Mark Vincent).

Vin Popularity

Famous People Named Vin

  • Vin Diesel (born Mark Sinclair)American actor
  • Vincent Edward "Vin" ScullyAmerican sportscaster
  • Vin SuprynowiczAmerican libertarian columnist
  • Vin ArmaniAmerican reality TV personality ("Gigolos")
  • Vincent Lamont "Vin" BakerAmerican basketball player
  • John Vincent "Vin" WeberU.S. Congressman from Minnesota
  • Vincent Michael "Vin" MazzaroAmerican baseball pitcher
  • Arthur Vincent "Vin" CampbellAmerican baseball player
  • Avin "Vin" Guiang AbrenicaFilipino actor

Vin in Pop Culture

  • Vin Tannercharacter in the "Magnificent 7" TV series
  • Vina character in the video games Jak II and Jak 3
  • Vin Gonzalescharacter in Spider Man comics
  • Vinfemale character in Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" trilogy
  • VinMeaning of "Wine" in French