"strength, health"

Valerius Origin and Meaning

The name Valerius is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "strength, health".

Valerius is an ancient Roman family name turned first name. While Valerius is more familiar as its derivatives Valerie and Valerian, the rise of Roman names ending in S for boys may inspire a revival of this strong choice.

Valerius Popularity

Famous People Named Valerius

  • Valerius MaximusRoman historian
  • Valerius de SaedeleerBelgian landscape painter
  • Valerius5th Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden
  • Valerius CordusGerman botanist
  • Valerius HerbergerGerman theologian
  • Valerius Josephus CouckeBelgian theologian

Valerius in Pop Culture

  • Publius Valerius "Val" Dartieson of Winifred Forsyte in Galsworthy's Forsyte series