Latin, Phonecian
"city of Tyre; rock"

Tyrus Origin and Meaning

The name Tyrus is a boy's name meaning "city of Tyre; rock".

The full name of baseball great Ty Cobb and now the name of a popular board game, this name gained popularity due to its fashionable sounds – a combination of Tyrone and Cyrus. But it is also found in the King James Bible as a place name, the city of Tyre in modern-day Lebanon, whose name derives from the Phonecian word for "rock".

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Tyrus Popularity

Famous People Named Tyrus

  • Tyrus Raymond "Ty" CobbAmerican baseball player
  • Tyrus Richard "Ty" TreadwayAmerican TV host
  • Tyrus Wayne ThomasAmerican basketball player
  • Tyrus WongChinese,American Disney artist
  • Tyrus ThompsonAmerican NFL player
  • Tyrus MorganAmerican Christian singer,songwriter
  • (Tyrus) Turner BarberAmerican baseball player

Tyrus in Pop Culture

  • Tyrusanother name for Tyre (Jeremiah 25:22)
  • Tyrus Kittcharacter on TV's "Breaking Bad"