Variation of Topa or Tupa, Native American
"native Inca accountant"

Tupac Origin and Meaning

The name Tupac is a boy's name meaning "native Inca accountant".

The first Tupac was the 15th century Incan ruler whose name was an extension of the Quechua Topa or Tupa. The second was the 20th century musician who put the gansta in rapper. Will your baby boy be the third? Such a singular name is undoubtedly a heavy mantle. When asked what his name meant, Tupac Shakur said, "I just say it means determined because I’m determined to never ever negotiate again."

Famous People Named Tupac

  • Tupac Amaru ShakurAmerican rapper
  • Tupac Amaru II Peruvian revolutionary
  • Tupac Katari Bolivian revolutionary

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