SVAN-teh, SVAN-tee
Swedish, short form of Svantepolk, Slavic
"holy people"

Svante Origin and Meaning

The name Svante is a boy's name meaning "holy people".

A jaunty, traditional name in Sweden's Top 100. Famous bearers include actor Svante Thunberg (Greta's father) and the father of physical chemistry Svante August Arrhenius. The name Svante is short for Svantepolk, the name of a Slavic nobleman who settled in Sweden in the 14th century.

Svante Popularity

Famous People Named Svante

  • SvanteRegent of Sweden
  • Svante StureCount of Stegeholm, grandson of the regent
  • Svante August ArrheniusSwedish physical chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Svante BielkeLord High Chancellor of Sweden
  • Svante Larsson SparreGovernor of Uppland
  • Svante Svantesson BanérGovernor of Uppland
  • Svante ThuressonSwedish jazz musician
  • (Lars) Svante Albert LindqvistMarshal of the Realm of Sweden
  • Svante HenrysonSwedish composer and musician
  • Svante PääboSwedish biologist
  • Svante JansonSwedish mathematician
  • Svante E. CornellSwedish political scientist
  • Svante RasmusonSwedish Olympic pentathlete
  • (Stig) Svante StockseliusSwedish journalist and TV executive