Place-name or surname
"meeting place"

Stowe Origin and Meaning

The name Stowe is a boy's name of English origin meaning "meeting place".

Stowe, the name of a beautiful mountain town in Vermont as well as the surname of the great author Harriet Beecher, is one of the oldest last names on record. The meeting place the name Stowe refers to is part of a church. Stowe might make a distinctive and meaningful middle name for skiers or Uncle Tom's Cabin fans.

Famous People Named Stowe

  • Madeleine Marie StoweAmerican actress
  • Harriet Elisabeth Beecher StoweAmerican abolitionist and author

Stowe in Pop Culture

  • Dr Dana Stowefemale character from TV series "Strong Medicine"
  • Stowea town in Lamoille County, Vermont, USA