"wheel, circle"

Rhodri Origin and Meaning

The name Rhodri is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "wheel, circle".

Rhodri, the name of an important ninth century Welsh king known as Rhodri the Great, a renowned warrior who was the ancestor of many of the later dynasties of Wales, was revived in modern Wales. Has a nice Rory-like feel.

Rhodri Popularity

Famous People Named Rhodri

  • Rhodri the GreatKing of Gwynedd (844,878 A.D.)
  • Rhodri "Rhod" GilbertWelsh actor/comedian
  • Rhodri MorganWelsh politican, First Minister of Wales

Rhodri in Pop Culture

  • From Welsh rhod 'circledisk, orb' + rhi 'ruler'. The 'circle' probably refers to a crown or other symbol of royalty.