"patrician, noble"

Padraig Origin and Meaning

The name Padraig is a boy's name meaning "patrician, noble".

Parents of Irish heritage are increasingly looking for more authentic Gaelic names, and this is a native spin on Patrick. Pronunciation will be confusing for many Americans, though: It's POR-rick. Golf champ Padraig Harrington has brought it into the sports spotlight.

Padraig Popularity

Famous People Named Padraig

  • Pádraig PearseIrish revolutionary leader and signatory
  • Pádraig Peter HarringtonIrish golfer
  • Padraig MarrinanIrish painter
  • Padraig RooneyIrish poet
  • Padraig O'KeeffeIrish musician
  • Pádraig AmondIrish footballer
  • Pádraig Joseph FlynnIrish politician
  • Pádraig "Paddy" MacKernanIrish diplomat
  • Pádraig Mac LochlainnIrish Senator

Padraig in Pop Culture

  • Pronounced like "poorick" or "poor,drick"