NAY-um, nah-OOM

Nahum Origin and Meaning

The name Nahum is a boy's name meaning "comfort".

An underused Biblical name borne by a New Testament prophet, Nahum feels like a good option for parents looking for a rare but traditional name that fits in with current trends.

Famous People Named Nahum

  • NahumBiblical minor prophet
  • Nahum Tate (16521715), English poet laureate and playwright
  • Nahum GrymesAmerican R&B singer
  • Nahum StelmachIsraeli football player and manager
  • Nahum SokolowPolish Zionist leader

Nahum in Pop Culture

  • From Hebrew Nachumliterally "consoled"
  • Nahum34th book in the Bible
  • Pronounced "NAYum"