German surname or Hebrew
"landlord, farmer; bringer of light"

Mayer Origin and Meaning

The name Mayer is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "landlord, farmer; bringer of light".

More common -- when it was common -- with the Meyer spelling.

Mayer Popularity

Famous People Named Mayer

  • Mayer Hawthorne (born Andrew Mayer Cohen)American musician
  • Mayer Amschel RothschildGerman founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty
  • Mayer Amschel de RothschildEnglish financier; grandson of Mayer Rothschild
  • Mayer Alphonse James RothschildFrench financier
  • Isaac Mayer WiseAmerican Reform rabbi
  • John MayerAmerican musician

Mayer in Pop Culture

  • Oscar MayerAmerican meat company