Greek or English from Latin
"anointed one or follower of Christ"

Krystian Origin and Meaning

Variation of Christian

Krystian Popularity

Famous People Named Krystian

  • Krystian BąkPolish hockey player and olympian
  • Krystian BrzozowskiPolish wrestler and olympian
  • Krystian Godfryd Dybel de Hammeraugeneral in Polish army
  • Krystian DługopolskiPolish ski jumper
  • Piotr Krystian DomaradzkiPolish writer and journalist
  • Krystian GałuszkaPolish poet
  • Krystian KozerawskiPolish musician and guitarist
  • Krystian LupaPolish set designer and theater director
  • Krystian Walery ŁuczakPolish politician
  • Krystian NiełacnyPolish anesthesiologist, social activist and regionalist
  • Krystian Dorian StangelPolish architect and urban planner
  • Fryderyk Krystian WettynPolish prince
  • Krystian WieczorekPolish actor
  • Krystian ZimermanPolish pianist
  • Krystian KrzemińskiPolish poet

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