Konstantinos Origin and Meaning

Variation of Constantin

Konstantinos Popularity

Famous People Named Konstantinos

  • Konstantinos Karamanlisformer Prime Minister and President of Greece
  • Konstantinos Logothetopoulosformer Prime Minister of Greece
  • Konstantinos MitroglouGreek footballer
  • Konstantinos Mitsotakisformer Prime Minister of Greece
  • Konstantinos Simitisformer Prime Minister of Greece
  • Konstantinos Stephanopoulosformer President of Greece
  • Konstantinos Tsaldarisformer Prime Minister of Greece
  • Konstantinos Tsatsosformer President of Greece
  • Konstantinos TsiklitirasGreek athlete
  • Konstantinos PaparrigopoulosGreek historian
  • Konstantinos KenterisGreek sprinter
  • Konstantinos Koukodimosformer Greek athlete and politician
  • Konstantinos "Kosta" BarbarousesNew Zealand footballer
  • Konstantinos ChalkiasGreek footballer
  • Konstantinos StafylidisGreek footballer

Konstantinos in Pop Culture

  • Nicknames: CostasKostas

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