English, Irish
"bold, brave; battle"

Keen Origin and Meaning

The name Keen is a boy's name meaning "bold, brave; battle".

Actor Mark Ruffalo honed this surname down to its basics when he chose it for his son. A more usable expansion might be the Irish surname Keenan/Keenen.

Famous People Named Keen

  • Keen Ruffalo (b. 2001)son of actor Mark Ruffalo

Keen in Pop Culture

  • Keentraditional Irish and Scottish lament for the dead
  • "Commander Keen" video game series
  • Smith Keencharacter from book and movie "The Pelican Brief"
  • Tom and Elizabeth Keencharacters on "The Blacklist"
  • The word "keen" means having or showing or enthusiasm; alsosharp or penetrating.