Anglicized variation of Chaim

Hyman Origin and Meaning

The name Hyman is a boy's name meaning "life".

Hyman was commonly used by first-generation Jewish immigrants to Anglicize Chaim, but similarities to terms like heinie and hymen have taken it out of the realm of modern possibility. The original Chaim would be preferable to Hyman.

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Hyman Popularity

Famous People Named Hyman

  • Hyman Arluckbirth name of American composer Harold Arlen
  • Hyman George RickoverU.S. Navy admiral
  • Hyman Philip MinskyAmerican economist
  • Hyman BassAmerican mathematician
  • Hyman BloomLatvian,American painter

Hyman in Pop Culture

  • Hyman Rothcharacter in the "Godfather" series
  • Hyman Krustofskyrabbi father of Krusty the Klown on TV's "The Simpsons"
  • Hyman Kaplancharacter in stories by Leo Rosten