English, diminutive of Robert
"bright fame"

Hob Origin and Meaning

The name Hob is a boy's name of English origin meaning "bright fame".

A Robert nickname out of use for hundreds of years, but now sounds cooler than Bob or Rob for a modern boy.

Famous People Named Hob

  • Harvey Max "Hob" HillerAmerican baseball player
  • Hob BrounAmerican novelist
  • (Wendell) Hob Bryan IIAmerican politician

Hob in Pop Culture

  • Hoba robot,like creature in the webcomic "Dresden Codak" by Aaron Diaz
  • Hob Gadlingcharacter in the The Sandman comic book series by Neil Gaiman
  • Hoba character in film "RoboCop 2"
  • Hobmentioned in the madrigal "Who made thee, Hob, forsake the plough?" by William Byrd