Welsh, variation of Griffith
"strong lord"

Griff Origin and Meaning

Variation of Griffin

Griff Popularity

Famous People Named Griff

  • Griffnickname of Frederick, Prince of Wales; son of Britain's King George II
  • Griffith "Griff" Rhys JonesWelsh comedian and actor
  • Griff Barnett (born Manley Griffith)American actor
  • Griff FurstAmerican actor; son of actor Stephen Furst
  • Griff WhalenAmerican NFL player
  • Griff AllenAmerican motorsports broadcaster
  • Guy Beresford Kerr "Griff" GriffithsBritish Royal Marine pilot
  • Emyr Morus "Griff" GriffithEnglish country music singer of duo Miki & Griff
  • Professor Griffstage name of Richard Griffin, American rapper of group Public Enemy

Griff in Pop Culture

  • Griff Vaocharacter in the video game 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic'
  • Griff Tannencharacter in film "Back to the Future Part II"
  • Griffa character on TV's Married... with Children
  • Griffa character in the 2017 film "Baby Driver"
  • Griff Griffgargoyle on animated series "Gargoyles"
  • Griffcharacter in manga/ anime series Rave Master
  • Wade "Griff" Griffinmain character on TV's "Griff"

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