English from Greek
"noble, well-born"

Ewing Origin and Meaning

The name Ewing is a boy's name meaning "noble, well-born".

A surname very rarely heard as a first, associated with Hall of Fame basketball star Patrick Ewing and, in the 1980s, the oil-rich Ewing family on the nighttime soap, "Dallas"

# 834 in the US

Ewing Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Ewing

  • Ewing Marion KauffmanAmerican businessman and MLB team owner
  • Ewing YoungAmerican fur trader and early Oregon settler
  • Ewing Young "Big 'un" FreelandAmerican college football coach
  • Patrick EwingAmerican basketball player

Ewing in Pop Culture

  • Ewing Klipspringercharacter in "The Great Gatsby"
  • Ewingminor character in "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" by Avi
  • Ewingfamily name on TV's "Dallas"