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Doctor Origin and Meaning

The name Doctor is a boy's name of English origin.

Doctor is an honorific used as a name, somewhat like names such as Bishop, King, and Princess. Banned in New Zealand, Doctor can lead to the kind of confusion you may feel would be only positive for your child -- a bona fide Doctor before he even gets to kindergarten. At its zenith in 1884, Doctor was used for 12 boys, but last year it didn't even clear the five-baby minimum to make it onto the Social Security extended list.

# 982 in the US

Doctor Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Doctor

  • Doctor Willard BlissAmerican physician who treated President James Garfield after his assassination
  • Doctor Haydock "Doc" GreenwoodEnglish footballer
  • Theophilus “Doctor” KhumaloSouth African footballer

Doctor in Pop Culture

  • The Doctormain character on TV's "Doctor Who"