"gift from God"

Bogdan Origin and Meaning

The name Bogdan is a boy's name of Russian, Ukrainian origin meaning "gift from God".

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Bogdan Popularity

Famous People Named Bogdan

  • Bogdan I the Founder (Romanian: Bogdan Intemeietorul) was the third or fourth voivode of Moldavia (c. 1363c. 1367).
  • Bogdan II (1409“1451) was the Prince of Moldavia between October 12, 1449 and October 17, 1451.
  • Bogdan III the OneEyed (Romanian: Bogdan al III,lea cel Chior) or Bogdan III the Blind (Romanian: Bogdan al III,lea cel Orb) (1470/1471 , April 20, 1517) Voivode of Moldavia from July 2, 1504 to 1517.

Bogdan in Pop Culture

  • Bogdan Wolynetzoriginal car wash owner on Breaking Bad
  • Bogdan or Bohdan appears in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It is derived from the Slavic words "Bog/Boh"meaning "god", and "dan", meaning "given". The name appears to be an early calque from Byzantine Theodotus (Theodosius) with the same meaning. The name is also used as a surname.