Albany Origin and Meaning

The name Albany is a boy's name .

A capital place-name possibility.

Famous People Named Albany

  • Albany Leon "Barney" BigardAmerican jazz clarinetist with Duke Ellington

Albany in Pop Culture

  • Albany Porcellomain character in 1934's Children of the Poor and 1936's The Hunted, by John A. Lee
  • The Duke of AlbanyScottish title of the future King James II of England
  • Albanycapital city of New York, USA
  • ORIGIN: May be an extension of St Alban's nameor an allusion to Scotland (deriving ultimately from Celtic alp = 'rock, mountain'). The surname Albany means 'servant or retainer of the dukes of Albany (a dukedom of the royal house of Stuart)' (from a Gaelic name for Scotland).