Calling Out Your Name

  1. Athen
    • Cheston
      • Iden
        • Jaemin
          • Leighton
            • Origin:

            • Meaning:

              "meadow town"
            • Description:

              More popular in its Layton spelling, Leighton is rising in popularity in the US for both sexes simultaneously, although this spelling remains more popular for girls for now – no doubt helped by actress Leighton Meester. Lleyton – as in Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt – is another, even more complicated, variant spelling.
          • Leone
            • Origin:

              Italian variation of Leo or Leon
            • Meaning:

            • Description:

              An Italian spin on the current European darling Leon, though the final e makes it a tad feminine to the American sensibility.
          • Maiten
            • Reiden
              • Reydon