Some Adverbs could actually work as names: Merrily, Frankly and Truly - Created by Vana

  • Airily

    Similar to Ariel

  • Anew

    Not so far off the popular name Andrew.

  • Apace

    Never registers in the data, but similar word, Pace, was given to 30 boys and 6 girls in 2013.

  • Barely

    Not much of a name. Similar sound to Bailey.

  • Blive

    It means "quickly, forthwith". It's similar to Blythe and Clive.

  • Boldly

    A bit too bold?

  • Bravely

    Brave and Bravery are both used as names, Bravely is another brave possibility.

  • Breezily

    Never registers in the data, but Breez, Breeza, Breeze, Breezi, Breezie and Breezy all do.

  • Brightly

    Bright and Brighten both have use as names, Brightly could be an alternative.

  • Busily

    Busy works as a nickname for Elizabeth, Busily might work too.

  • Calmly

    Never appears in the data, but similar name Calmer does.

  • Cheerily

    Happy sounding name not too far off the more popular Merrily.

  • Cloudily

    Cloud, Cloude, Cloudia and Cloudie all have use as names. Cloudily is another possibility.

  • Crossly

    Crosley was given to 7 girls and 6 boys in 2013.

  • Daily

    Daily has occasional use for both genders along with alternative spellings Daely, Dailey, Dailee, Daley, Dayli, Daylie, Daylee and Dayleigh

  • Darkly

    A dark possibility...

  • Dearly

    A bit too cute?

  • Early

    Has use for both genders, both is much more popular for boys. It's highest rank is 323 in 1987.

  • Every

    Appear a couple of times for both genders in the data. Sounds similar to the names Ever, Evie, Everly, Avery

  • Eternally

    A bit over the top, but all Eternal, Eternity and Eterniti all register in the data.

  • Fairly

    Fairly has never being used 5 times in the USA, but Fairley has. It's most popular was when 16 boys were given the name in 1944.

  • Fast

    Short one syllable word that would fit in with Chase, Jett, Dash, Flash, Fate and Rush

  • Fiery

    Blaze and Flame are both used as names, Fiery might work too.

  • Frankly

    Only shows up in the data once - it was given to 5 boys in 2008. It is half way between Frank and Franklyn.

  • Freely

    Has never been used 5 times in the USA. With Free, Freeman and Freeland all showing up in the data, Freely would fit right in.

  • Gently

    Gentle and Gentry both have use as names, Gently isn't too far off.

  • Gladly

    There are loads of Glad- names out there, like Glada, Gladine, Glady and Gladden, Gladly would fit right in.

  • Hence

    Given to small amounts of boys between 1880 - 1947

  • Happily

    Happy was given 5 girls and 5 boys in 2013, Happily takes it one step further.

  • Heartily

    Heart, Heartlee, Heartley and Heartly all have use as names.

  • Highly

    Highly never shows up in the data, but Hiley, Hyleigh, Hylie and Hylee all do. They come of as trendy variations of the Hayley, Kayleigh, Kylie, Miley, Riley, Wiley trend.

  • Honestly

    Honesty is rising for along with plethora of spelling variations, Honestii, Onesti, Onesty, Ahonesti and Ahnisty all appear in the data. Honestly will likely rise in popularity too., 

  • Just

    There are loads of Just- names in the data, Just is probably used as a nickname for some of them.

  • Justly

    There are loads of Just- names in the data, including Justinlee, Justly would fit right in.

  • Keenly

    Keen, Keeley and Keelan are all used as names. Keenly would fit right in.

  • Kindly

    It's similar to Kylie, Kinder, Kinley, Kennedy

  • Kingly

    Not far off Kingsley

  • Lightly

    Light and Delight both have occasional use as names, but Lightly never shows up in the data.

  • Lively

    It is a surname which can help a word sound more like a name. It has a nice meaning.

  • Loyally

    Loyal, Loyall and Loyalty all have use as names, Loyally is the next natural step.

  • Manly

    Has been used for small amounts of boys between 1880 and 2000

  • Merrily

    Was in the top 1000 in the USA from 1942-1944, it's highest rank was 513 in 1942.

  • Mightily

    A mighty choice.

  • Naturally

    Natural, Nature, Naturell and Naturelle all appear in the data as names, Naturally may appeal to some people.

  • Newly

    Rhymes with Julie, I see Nulie, or Noolie working as names.

  • Often

    Fits two syllables ending in N pattern popular with boys names.

  • Quicker

    Not in the data, but would fit right in with Harper, Carter, Sawyer and Taylor.

  • Quickly

    Similar to the name Quinley.

  • Richly

    Never appears in the data but Richer, Richey, Richy, Rich, Richie and Richlyn all do.

  • Royally

    Never registers in the data, but Royal, Royale, Royall, Royelle, Roylee and Royalty all do.

  • Shyly

    Shyly does not appear in the data, but Shyleigh, Shylei, Shylee, Shylie, Shyli all do.

  • Sincerely

    Was once given to 6 girls in 2006. Sincere and Sincerity are also used as names.

  • Soon

    Was used occasionally between 1921-56. Mostly for girls.

  • Sunnily

    Never registers in the data but Sunni, Sunnee, Sunnie, Sunny, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunflower and Sunshyne all do.

  • Surely

    5 girls were given this name is both 2005 and 2006

  • Swiftly

    Swift has occasional use, Swiftly takes it one step further.

  • Truly

    Is on the rise, it was given to 39 girls in 2013. Truely, Truley, Trulee and Trulie were all also used.

  • Uniquely

    Much more unusual than the name Unique.

  • Vastly

    Does not register in the data, but Vasta, Vastie, Vasthi, Vasti and Vastine all do.

  • Verily

    Does not register in the data, but Verity, Verle, Verly, Veree, Verilea and Verley all do.

  • Westward

    Weston + Edward

  • Wildly

    Wild, Wilde, Wilder are all used as names, Wildly is another wild option.

  • Worthily

    Worth, Worthie and Worthy all have use as names. Worthily is the next natural step.

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