Nonbinary Names

I'm nonbinary and I've been out for nearly a year, but although I am now happy that my pronouns (they/them/their/themself) are the right ones for me, I have not been able to find a name that fits. This is a personal list of all the names I am considering for myself. Please note- for some reason this website is forcing me to assign one of 2 genders onto the names in the list so I've just left them all as "m" but that does not mean anything. To me all of these names do not imply either binary gender, they imply my gender (which is kind of the point. I won't even mention that being forced to choose between m or f is causing me great distress as it always does haha) - Created by welkin

  • Alys

    Pronounced the same as Alice, but I associate feminine genders with the spelling Alice. Also, this spelling reminds me of the word 'abyss' which I like

  • Bryn

    The pronunciation is rhyming with tin. A welsh name, meaning 'hill'

  • Grey

    I consider this name to be very beautiful and it reflects my identity and my self

  • Jude

    My birth name. Still an option.

  • Morgan

    I am not sure about this one as I already know someone called Morgan and I do not want hir to think I named myself after hir

  • Ozzy

    from "Ozymandias" (with a spelling change because Ozy looks like it'd be said oh-zee rather than oz-ee) because that poem means a great deal to me

  • Robin

    There are 2 problems with this: I associate this name strongly with both male and female genders, and as I am neither this would probably be uncomfortable. Also, I know some people called Robin and associate the name with them

  • Skye

    I feel a strong connection to the sky and also the the islands west of scotland, of which Skye is one. Although I have been to the western isles many, many times I have never been to Skye itself, although I have seen pictures and it is very beautiful. The idea of naming myself after one of the Western Isles is very appealing to me but this is the only name that I am considering from them.

  • Theo

    This doesn't really fit me but I like it enough to still be considering it

  • Tea

    I worry that my family would think this name is silly and I don't even like tea but I love the word as a name and it feels like me in a way few names do

  • Wren

    After the bird. Often I feel very small and birdlike and Wren also is a nice name

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