Beebe Gross

Married 2+ years and expecting our first. She's a girl, which is spectacular except for the fact we were only able to agree on boy names... Super excited to meet our sweet little girl but anxious about agreeing on a suitable name. Biggest issue - our last name is "Gross"... I feel we need a first name that can overpower our last or at least take presidence. - Created by jc5377

  • Ariadne

  • Aeralisse

    Nicknames: Aera, Aero, Ali, Ellie, Rali. This is my top pick but my husband's not too keen

  • Kyrie

    Other Spellings: Kairi, Keiri. My objection is its a name from the Kingdom Hearts Video game... and I think thats lame. Also will this name be able to "grow" with her into adulthood?

  • Kylisse

    this is a "compromise" name for me and my cute man - I like Aeralisse and he like Kai (Short vs Long). I don't know how I feel about this one just yet.

  • Mikaiya

    Similar to Mikyla however I think its a little more "clear" to say without the "la" at the end. My biggest issue with both of these names is that its SOOO easy to get confused with McKayla or Micah

  • Mikyla

    Other Spellings: Mikyla, Mekaiya. Nicknames: Mika, Kyla, Kaiya. Needs a middle name, hubby's pick.

  • Rosslyn

    Nicknames: Rozzy, Roxi. Its appealing because "Ross" is a family surname of a recently found biological side in my family. Maybe as a middle name?

  • Sydney

    Both really liked this name until we realized that the nickname of "Sid" gives you nightmares from Toy Story. Maybe as a middle Name?

  • Zaelee

    Other Spellings: Zailee, Zaylee, Zailey. I like this one but it is a little more bold than I think I like. I do think its cool, my best friend's name is Maelee however will it "Grow" with her?