Distinguishable Rococo Painter Names

  1. Aleksei
    • Balthasar
      • Origin:

      • Meaning:

        "God protects the king"
      • Description:

        Balthasar was one of the biblical Three Kings who visited the infant Jesus, also used by Shakespeare and in the oil-rich Getty family; offbeat and intriguing. Balthazar is another, equally appropriate spelling.
    • Bellino
      • Corrado
        • Origin:

          Italian variation of Conrad
        • Description:

          A Latinate name with a lot of dash and bravado.
      • Canaletto
        • Charles-Amédée-Philippe
          • Christophe-Gabriel
            • Claude-Augustin
              • Clodion
                • Dmitrii
                  • Etienne-Maurice
                    • Francescantonio
                      • František
                        • Gaetano
                          • Origin:

                          • Meaning:

                            "from the city of Gaeta"
                          • Description:

                            The progenitor of the English name Guy, Gaetano has a lot more gusto.
                        • Gottlieb
                          • Giambettino
                            • Giampietro
                              • Hubert
                                • Origin:

                                • Meaning:

                                  "bright, shining intellect"
                                • Description:

                                  A name that sounds so old-fashioned some parents out there might conceivably find it quirky enough for a comeback, along with other one-time fuddie-duddies like Oscar and Homer.
                              • Jean-Baptiste-Simeon
                                • Jean-Honoré