Bug Names

Like Bee, Ant, Cricket and Mazarine - Created by Vana

  • Ant

    Usually a nickname for Anthony, unknown meaning.

  • Bee

    Typically used as a nickname for Beatrice and other names with a B.

  • Butterfly

    Sometimes used as a name. Fits in with Sunshine, Rainbow and Tigerlily

  • Beetle

    Not usually used as a name. Could be a nickname for Abital, Bartel, Bertille, Bentley or Bristol.

  • Bluet

    Blue meets Truett.

  • Bug

    Would make a cute nickname or pet name. Possible full names could be Burgundy, Brogan, Bogdan or Abigail.

  • Cricket

    Usually used as a nickname for Catherine, but is also sometimes used as a full name.

  • Chrysalis

    (KRIS-uh-lis) Is "a quiescent insect pupa, especially of a butterfly or moth". Also refers to "a transitional state". Chrysalis is derived from Greek meaning "golden sheath". It has rare use as a name.

  • Cicada

    A pretty sound

  • Dragonfly

    If there are people using the name Butterfly, surely Dragonfly should be considered too.

  • Ephemerid

    Refers to a mayfly

  • Firefly

    If there are people using the name Butterfly, surely Firefly should be considered too.

  • Flea

    I once saw a woman on TV named Flee, I imagine it was probably a nickname for something.

  • Fly

    Would make a nice nickname, and since Kai/Jai/Sky/Guy/Pi/Cy/Ty are all used as names Fly might work as a full name.

  • Gnat

    Stick to Nat - as a nickname for a Nat- name.

  • Hornet

    Fits in with Emmett, Scarlet, Violet and Bennett.

  • Junebug

    Usually a nickname for Jun- names.

  • Ladybird

    Lady is occasionally used as a name, so is bird. Ladybird isn't inconceivable.

  • Libellula

    A genus of dragonflies. Fits in with all the L heavy names popular at the moment: Lola, Luella, Lily, Delilah etc.

  • Lysandra

    A genus of butterfly. It is a feminine form of Lysandros, "to release man"

  • Mazarine


  • Midge

    A nickname for Margaret or Michelle that happens to be a bug too.

  • Mantis

    Also a colour. A potential nickname is Manny.

  • Meadowhawk

    Putting Meadow and Hawk together.

  • Moth

    Could be a nickname for Timothy

  • Odonata

    An order of insects that includes dragonflies and damselflies

  • Rhene

    (REE-nee) Rhene is a spider genus of the Salticidae family (jumping spiders). This is a name from Greek mythology meaning "the sheep".

  • Spider

    Cool sounding, similar to Ryder and Wilder

  • Vanessa

    A genus of butterflies. The name was invented by Jonathan Swift, he created the name out of his tutoree’s first and last name, Esther Vanhomrigh.

  • Vedalia

    An Australian pest-eating ladybug. Similar to girly names like Dahlia, Amalia and Velia.

  • Xenica

    A type of butterfly. Similar to the name Xenia.

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