Stupid But Cute

  1. Alfredo
    • Origin:

      Spanish variation of Alfred, English
    • Meaning:

      "wise counsellor; elf counsel"
    • Description:

      Alfredo, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese variation of Alfred, is most familiar as the romantic lead in Verdi's evergreen opera La Traviata. On a less romantic note, Alfredo is also the name of a pasta sauce.
  2. Analice
      • Août
        • Baby
          • BOOTS
            • CAILLOU
              • Cedro
                • Ferdynandy
                  • Odlaw
                    • RAFFLES
                      • Rudolph
                        • Origin:

                        • Meaning:

                          "famous wolf"
                        • Description:

                          Sure, he'd probably get a certain amount of red-nosed teasing around the holiday, but a boy named Rudolph could probably take it. Besides, he's got other, more distinguished namesakes -- the great ballet dancer Nureyev, silent screen Lothario Valentino and 9-11 Mayor Giuliani.
                      • SCOOBERT
                        • SEASHELL
                          • SNOWBALL
                            • SOCKO
                              • Ungali