Baby Boy Names

Pregnant with first child, due in March 2015. We don't know the sex yet, but having trouble figuring out a boy name that my husband and I both like. Meaning of names are very important to us. Our last name ends in "son" Please help! - Created by nicolekathryn03

  • Andrew

    means manly, strong, courageous. I don't mind the nickname "Drew", just not a fan of nickname "Andy"

  • Camden

    my husband was born in Camden, NJ but he is not a huge fan of the name. Plus it's getting super popular.

  • Cameron

    I like this name but my husband is afraid it's too unisex.

  • Dylan

    means son of the sea (which is appropriate since we live near the beach in South Florida, however, a cousin on my husband's side just named her son Dylan. Not sure if that's a deal breaker.)

  • Jason

    means healer. I like that it's a strong, classic boy's name.

  • Jordan

    means flowing down... but again... could be too unisex.

  • Kellan

    means warrior, powerful. This is my husband's favorite name. I'm still on the fence.