Baby Fugazy

This poor kiddo's due date is around the corner on August 7 and she doesn't have a name!!!! Just can't seem to decide. Since we all get my husband's last name, his family is automatically recognized in the naming... with this being our last child we want to incorporate something from my side of the family in either the first or middle name of this one. - Created by Faithfugazy

  • Belle

    Possible MIDDLE NAME

  • Chloe

    Shane and I both really like this, but worried about popularity. Favorite middle name = Belle.

  • Coco

    Scarlett came up with this, and is insistent that this is what we should name the baby... it's not our pick but is growing on us a bit... maybe as a nickname for Chloe?

  • Elliot

    This is a family name on Raymond side... Like that it's unisex and not popular.

  • Georgia

    My grandmother's name. Possible nicknames - Gia or Gigi. Shane thinks it's too "old lady" but I like that it's classic.

  • Hazel

    Like the color theme, goes with Scarlett. Middle names could be Hope?

  • Lucy

    Scarlett has been singing "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" all summer, since she sang it in her summer theater camps performance of Yellow Submarine... so it's stuck in our heads right now.

  • Olive

    Again, like it with the color theme. Nicknames could be Oli or Liv. Not sure about middle names.

  • Rae

    Possible MIDDLE NAME - It's a play on my maiden name Raymond and my grandmother's maiden name of McRae.

  • Ruby

    Like the color theme, goes with Scarlett. Middle names could be Rose, Rae or Belle?

  • Violet

    Like it, but worried it's too popular right now.