Cornish Surnames

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  • Argus

  • Angove

    occupational name for a blacksmith

  • Angwin

    nickname for someone with white hair or pale complexion

  • Annear

  • Bennetto

  • Bligh

    nickname; from blyth meaning "wolf"

  • Bolitho

    habitational name; from bos, bod "dwelling"

  • Bosanko

    habitational name; from bos, bod "dwelling"; often confused with the French Bosanquet

  • Carew

    from the cognate word kerrow "forts"

  • Cardy

    habitational name; from cair, mer "fort" + du "dark"

  • Carlyon

    habitational name; from ker "fort" + plural form of legh "slab"

  • Carne

    topographic name; carn "cairn"

  • Carvasso

    fort with walls or ditches

  • Chenoweth

    topographic name; from chy "house" + noweth "new"

  • Chenowith

    variation of Chenoweth

  • Chynoweth

    variation of Chenoweth

  • Couch

    nickname for a red-haired man; from cough, coch "red"

  • Cuff

    nickname; from cuf "dear, kind"

  • Curnow

    ethnic name; from Kernow "Cornwall"

  • Genn

    short form of Jennifer

  • Glynn

    topographic name for someone who lives in a valley; from glin

  • Geen

  • Glasson

    metonymic occupational name for a glass blower

  • Gloyn

    from glow, (pr)en meaning "charcoal"

  • Goff

    occupational name; from Breton goff "smith"

  • Grose

    topographic name for someone who lies near a stone cross; from crous "cross"

  • Gummo

  • Gwavas

    from gwaf "winter abode" or "winter pasture"

  • Gwinnel

    possibly from gwennol "swallow"

  • Jewell

    from a Celtic personal name; composed of elements meaning "lord" + "generous"

  • Kitto

    from the personal name

  • Keast

    nickname for a fat man; from kest "paunch"

  • Kellow

    habitational name; from kellow "woods", "groves"

  • Kervern

  • Kimbrell

  • Lamphier

    variation of Lanfear

  • Landhydrock

    church enclosure of St Hydrock

  • Lanfear

    habitational name; from lan "church"

  • Lanyon

    habitational name; from lyn "pool" + yeyn "cold"

  • Lower

    variation of Flower

  • Moon

    nickname for a slender person; from mon "thin"

  • Marrak

    from marghak "knight" or "rider"

  • Menear

    topographic name for someone who lives by a menhir; from men "stone" + hir "long"

  • Moyle

    nickname; from moyl "bald"

  • Nancarrow

    habitational name; from nans "valley" + carrow "deer", "stag" or garow "rough"

  • Nankervis

    habitational name; from nans "valley" + possibly carow "stag"

  • Opie

    medieval person name, a pet form of various names such as Osborn, Osbert, and Osbald

  • Oppy

  • Penna

  • Penrose

    habitational name; pen "head", "top", "end" + ros "heath", "moor"

  • Pawley

  • Pedrick

    from the personal name Petroc or Pedrek, a pet form of Peter

  • Pengelly

    habitational name; pen "head", "top", "end" + kelly "copse", "grove"

  • Penhallow

    habitational name

  • Penphrase

    from pen "head" + pras "meadow"

  • Pethick

    variant of Pedrick

  • Polkinghorn

    habitational name; from pol "pool", "pond" + personal name Kenhoern ("hound" + "iron")

  • Prideaux

    perhaps from pr "clay" + unknown word; later forms show assimilation to French près d'eux "beside waters"

  • Quick

    habitational name; from gwyk "village", "forest"

  • Retallick

  • Rosdew

    black heath, dark heath

  • Rosevear

    habitational name; from ros "moor" + mur "great", "large"

  • Roskelley

    habitational name from two places called Roskilly

  • Roswarne

    heath with alders, heath by the marsh

  • Sholl

    may be from is "under" + hall "moor"

  • Skewes

    habitational name; from skaw "elder bush" + suffix -es

  • Skuse

    variation of Skewes

  • Spargo

    habitational name; spern "thorn bushes" + cor "enclosure"

  • Teague

    descriptive nickname for a handsome person; from tek "fair", "beautiful"

  • Tremaine

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + men "stone"

  • Tremayne

    variational of Tremaine

  • Trathen

  • Trebilcock

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + pilicock "darling"

  • Tredinnck

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + dynes "fortified"

  • Treen

    habitational name; from tre "homestead, "settlement' + dyn "fort"

  • Tregoning

    habitational name; from tee "homestead", "settlement" + form of the personal name Conan

  • Trelawny

  • Trelease

    habitational name

  • Treleven

    habitational name

  • Trembath

    habitational name; from tre an bagh "homestead of the corner"

  • Tremelling

    habitational name from someone from Tremellen

  • Trenary

    variant spelling of Trenery; habitational name; from tre" homestead", "settlement" + unknown element

  • Tretheway

    variation of Trethewey

  • Trethewey

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + Thewi

  • Trevarthen

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + personal name equivalent to Arthen

  • Trevithick

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + various personal names

  • Trevorrow

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + uncertain element

  • Trewin

    habitational name from Trewin

  • Trezies

    habitational name; from tre "homestead", "settlement" + Seys "Englishman"

  • Truscott

    habitational name; from dres "beyond" + cuit "wood"

  • Urien

    variation of Uren

  • Uren

    from personal name Orbogenos (probably "of privileged birth")

  • Verran

    reduced form of Treverran

  • Vigus

  • Woon

    habitational name from a place called Woon