A Lit-Lover's list of Baby Names

I'd like to give my future children names from characters or authors from my favorite books. Here's a start. No holds barred! - Created by muchachacristiana

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  • Alice

    To be honest, I haven't read it. I've heard the book is as trippy as the movie. But both, in my eye, are very creative. We're talking, classic literature.

  • Anne

    From Anne of Green Gables. Now she's got spunk!

  • Austen

    Thanks Jane Austen for setting the stage for female authors as well as for females to be honest and open and unashamed to express all those feelings we, as women, feel.

  • Beatrice

    I go back and forth with this one. I love the characters from Much Ado About Nothing and the Ramona series, but do not like the nicknames Bea or Trixy.

  • Benjamin

    Beatrix Potter's little stories about talking critters are filled with fantastic names. Some are antique, this one though is fairly standard.

  • Cecily

    Beatrix Potter has many adorable little characters. But hands-down my favorite name of them all is Cecily (Parsley) from the book of Nursery Rhymes.

  • Charlie

    Not going to lie, I haven't read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But I love the name Charlie...

  • Charlotte

    I'm sure naming your kid after a spider wouldn't sound like a good life choice, but in the context of the beloved classic Charlotte's Web, people would understand.

  • Christopher

    Or Robin. Or even just Topher. Anyway. Winnie the Pooh!

  • Coraline

    Curiosity is this character's middle name. Although her curiosity takes her to new and frightening places, the adventure she has helps empower her.

  • Corin

    A minor character from Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, but I have always loved this name. It is simple and strong. And regal.

  • Daisy

    I love the Ramona Series, but am not a fan of the name Ramona. But Daisy, who bears a name I DO like, is Ramona's friend in

  • Dorothy

    This is traditionally an old lady name, but when looking through the goggles of staples of literature you can't forget about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

  • Edmund

    Edmund Pevensie from the Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia.

  • Elanor

    I love this name in all its forms. Tough choice between Sense & Sensibility's spelling of it (Elinor) and Tolkien's (it is Samwise's daughter's name), but with this spelling she could have the nickname Nora.

  • Fern

    For those who don't feel comfortable naming their child after the spider from Charlotte's web ; )

  • Gabriel

    I absolutely LOVED The Giver when we read it in Junior High. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

  • George

    As in, Curious George. What a boss.

  • Gwendolen

    The Importance of Being Earnest is hilarious. Although the women are quite silly in this play, to me, it shows the power of women. Gwen is a strong character with a strong name.

  • Henry

    Its was almost an honest toss-up between Mr. Tilney and Edward Ferrars. But Henry is more witty, which I like. He's definitely my favorite Austen dude.

  • Jonas

    Before there were the Jonas Brothers, there was The Giver. I'm so glad the trio of pop sensations are no longer

  • Josephine

    Jo March. A strong, book-minded woman who, by the end of Little Women, blossoms into a mature and level-headed creative woman.

  • Lewis

    C.S. Lewis. Duh. THE best author, in my opinion, in every respect.

  • Lily

    The Lily Series, the books that first got me thinking that I wanted to be a writer. She's a spunky pre-teen who must grow and learn who she is and where her place is in this world.

  • Lucy

    Sweet Lucy. Seeing her grow up throughout the Chronicles of Narnia is beautiful. As a reader, she was so real and relatable to me, with both her mistakes and her victories. Love her!

  • Matthias

    Growing up, I LOVED listening to my mom read the Redwall books to us on road trips. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this name.

  • Max

    I feel like little boys named Max are always naughty. I guess that's fitting for Where the Wild Things Are character. I think I prefer the longer

  • Neville

    My favorite Harry Potter hero. He shows that even the most unlikely of people have a hidden strength. We need all types of people in order to achieve the greatest things.

  • Posy

    Or Pauline. Or Petrova. From The Ballet Shoes : ) Posy's my fav name, though.

  • Ransom

    This would be a tough name to seamlessly pull off, but the smart but still compassionate main character from Lewis' Space Trilogy, is worth being named after.

  • Rose

    Speaking of classics, we can't forget Little House on the Prarie. Rose, was the name of Laura's daughter. Love this name!

  • Simone

    As in Simone Weil.

  • Sybil

    I like this name. Though I would spell it this way, it is a nod to the cooky Hogwart's professor.

  • Theodore

    A nod to Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss), my children's picture book hero. AND Theodore Laurence, from Little Women.

  • Thorin

    The Hobbit!

  • Tozer

    A.W. Tozer, author of

  • Tristran

    Another nod to ol' Neil. Stardust, an adult fairy tale, is so magical. And it's main character begins as a dreamer and then becomes a do-er, two qualities that are best when paired.

  • Wendy

    Classic literature name from J.M. Barrie's play and novel (the play came first, who knew?!). I also really dig her middle name