11 Names // Disney Stole Elsa

Elsa is No. 1 on your list and then what do Disney do? They go and name one of their most successful characters Elsa. This list opens up some more options so you won't be serenaded with 'Let it Go' every time you announce her name. - Created by Whirligig

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  • Ailsa

    Practically the same as Elsa without the Disney connotations.

  • Alta

    Has the same rhythm to Elsa which adds to the musical theme of this name.

  • Beatha

    Elsa uses the start of Elizabeth, Beatha uses the end.

  • Betsy

    Not much in common with Elsa but they do share the same vintage flair.

  • Eira

    Swap a few letters of Elsa and you get Eira.

  • Elise

    An appealing and easy choice with plenty of nicknames.

  • Eliza

    Another El- -a nickname for Elizabeth

  • Eloisa

    Add two letters to Elsa and you get Eloisa.

  • Elspeth

    If you are going down the 'Elsa can be a nickname' route but you dislike Elizabeth.

  • Elysia

    Less popular than Elissa/Alyssa but uses familiar sounds found in Elsa.

  • Esta

    This phonetic spelling of Esther mirrors the simplicity of Elsa.