"A" names with Unique Spellings

These are a few of my favorite A names, with my own little spin on spelling to make common names a little bit different. - Created by alyxgardner143

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    or Arys I like this better for a Female. But it also can be a Boys name. This spelling helps with not relating it to the zodiac sign as much.

  • Ainsly

    You can also spell this Aansly. I think this is a super cute spin on paisly. very Femme and different.

  • Amethyst

    No change in spelling here. I love this name because its different. Its beautiful and strong at the same time.

  • Anchor

    A awesome Unisex name! It can mean many different things to the parents when naming there child Anchor. SO cute!

  • Archer

    No new spelling but like Arrow I like the sound. It flows well. A Unisex name. But I like it more for a Girl.

  • Arrow

    Spelled the same. I like the sound of this for a boy. Very cool sounding.

  • Aryel

    or Aaryel to make the A sound more distinct. "lion of God" is the meaning of Ariel. I like the change in spelling, it wont get related to the Disney Princess as much.

  • Asher

    I love this name for a Unisex name. The meaning is great and nick name can be Ash. No change in spelling.

  • Ashtyn

    This is a Unisex name. Nickname can be Ash.

  • Atara

    Meaning "crown" fits perfect for a Queen! Also a name in the Old Testament.


    I saw this for the first time when a girl who went to the gym I worked at checked in with her name as Athyna. I love the sound and Her spelling was different. A very strong name for a kickass little girl

  • Atlas

    Or Atlys I love this name for a Boy. Some say it is too powerful for a baby boy. I beg to differ!

  • Aurora

    A perfect name for a Princess! Nick name Rory

  • Axyl

    I love the name axel. But I love this touch with the Y. A perfect name for a tough, strong boy. Nick name Ax.