Names I Love But Would Never Use

These names sound great, but the meaning or popular reference is too overpowering.
  1. Ambrosia
    • Anastasia
      • Ariadne
        • Belladonna
          • Catalina
            • Clarice
              • Courteney and Casey
                • Damien
                  • Origin:

                    French from Greek
                  • Meaning:

                    "to tame, subdue"
                  • Description:

                    Converting Damian to Damien – or Julian to Julien or Lucian to Lucien – adds a certain je ne sais quoi to names. But most people in English speaking areas will still pronounce this the same as the -an ending form. The French pronunciation is more like "dah-mee-u(n)".
                • Hermione
                  • Jagger
                    • Origin:

                      English occupational name
                    • Meaning:

                    • Description:

                      Jagger is a swaggering Rolling Stone of a name that's been picked up by a number of fellow celebs, including Lindsay Davenport and Brett Scallions--while Soleil Moon Frye pulled a gender switch when she bestowed it on her daughter. It's edgy with a touch of danger.
                  • Jade, Anya, Morgan, Hannah, Zoe
                    • Leonardo
                      • Origin:

                        Italian and Spanish variation of Leonard, German
                      • Meaning:

                        "brave lion"
                      • Description:

                        For centuries this name was associated primarily with the towering figure of Italian Renaissance painter-scientist-inventor Leonardo da Vinci, and was scarcely used outside the Latin culture.
                    • Ledger
                      • Lincoln, Landon, Luke, Levi, Jake, Dylan
                        • Mariah, Sierra, Chelsea, Taylor
                          • Memory
                            • Musidora
                              • Orion
                                • Origin:

                                • Meaning:

                                  "boundary, limit"
                                • Description:

                                  Orion is a rising star, with both mythical and celestial overtones.
                              • Olivia, Sophia, Isabella
                                • Ophelia