Icelandic Girls Names

Female names of Icelandic origin, or names that are commonly used in Iceland. Containing sounds that are possible for non-Icelandic-speakers to pronounce. - Created by jackal

  • Birta

    Pronounced BEER-ta. Meaning "brightness".

  • Berglind

    Pronounced BAIRG-lind. Meaning "help spring/well".

  • Bryndís

    Pronounced BRIN-deese. Meaning "armour nymph".

  • Brynja

    Pronounced BRIN-ya. Meaning "armour".

  • Bríet

    Pronounced BREE-et. Icelandic form of Bridget, meaning "exalted one".

  • Dagný

    Pronounced DAHG-nee. Meaning "day new".

  • Edda

    Meaning "great grandmother".

  • Elva

    Meaning either "elf" or "river".

  • Embla

    Meaning "elm". In Norse mythology, Embla was the first woman, carved from a piece of driftwood and brought to life by Óðinn and his brothers.

  • Eyja

    Pronounced AY-ya. Meaning "island".

  • Eyrún

    Pronounced AY-roon. Meaning "island rune".

  • Freyja

    Meaning "lady".

  • Helga

    Meaning "holy".

  • Hilda

    Meaning "battle".

  • Hulda

    First vowel sound as in "book". Meaning "hidden", "she-elf".

  • Harpa

    Meaning "harp".

  • Hekla

    The name of a volcano in Iceland. Meaning probably related to the word for "hooded cape".

  • Inga

    From Ing, the name of an old Germanic god.

  • Ingunn

    The g is pronounced, as in bongo, not as in sing. Meaning "love of Ing".

  • Katla

    Meaning "helmet", "cauldron".

  • Kolbrún

    Pronounced KOLL-broon. Meaning "dark-haired one", literally "coal brow".

  • Lilja

    Meaning "lily".

  • Lára

    First vowel sound as in cow. Icelandic version of Laura, meaning "laurel".

  • Lóa

    Meaning "golden plover".

  • Silja

    Icelandic form of Celia, meaning "heaven".

  • Salka

    Short form of Salvör, meaning "hall defender".

  • Sunna

    First vowel sound as in book. Meaning "sun".

  • Svala

    Meaning "swallow", the bird.

  • Sóley

    Pronounced SO-lay. Meaning "buttercup", literally "sun island".

  • Thóra

    First vowel sound as in go. From the name of the god Þórr (Thor).

  • Thórunn

    First vowel sound as in go. Meaning "love of Thor".

  • Tinna

    Meaning "flint".

  • Vala

    Short form of names beginning with Val-. Meaning "choice".

  • Ylva

    Y as in Yvonne. Meaning "she-wolf".

  • Yrsa

    Pronounced EER-sa. Meaning "wild".

  • Ása

    First vowel sound as in cow. Meaning "goddess".

  • Ásdís

    First vowel sound as in cow, second syllable deese. Meaning "goddess nymph".

  • Ásta

    First vowel sound as in cow. Meaning "love".