* Androgynous, Unique Names

A collection of quirky, cool names exhibiting both feminine and masculine qualities. - Created by Layle

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  • Avery

  • Andromeda

    From the nearby Andromeda galaxy. A more unusual and androgynous take on Andrew.

  • Callisto

    Probably a bit more masculine than the others on this list, but it cones from the name of one of Jupiter's moons, a transcendental, awesome celestial object. Variations: Calleo, Callio. Possible nickname: Cally

  • Carme

    Possible quirky-cool nickname could be "Caramel" to up the androgynous factor if used for a male

  • Ceres

    From the dwarf planet Ceres. It has a very peaceful sound and soft yet simultaneously strong syllables that make it truly androgynous.

  • Dracien

    Stemming from Draco, for dragon. Variations: Draciel ("ciel is French for "sky", thus "sky dragon"?), Draceo. Possible nn: Drace

  • Emerald

    Though Nameberry classifies this as a female name, the "rald" ending has a more masculine sound (reminiscent of "Gerald" or "Roland") to balance out the more feminine "em" sound at the beginning (from names like "Emma" and "Emerson").

  • Florian

    The "ian" ending sounds classic and strong, while the flora reminiscent "Flor" at the beginning counterbalances this.

  • Frost

    Conjures up the delicate image of snow, but has a strong, powerful sound.

  • Javier

    I prefer it pronounced as it sounds (rhyming with Xavier)

  • Julian

    Or Julien. See "Florian" above.

  • Jaise

    Rhymes with Blaise. Kind of like a quirky cool cross between Jason and Maize.

  • Kai

    This is one of my favorite names in that it has so many meanings across different cultures, being both gender and culture transcending. Variations: Kaiven, Kaiver, Kaive. Kaise, Kaiser. Kaize.

  • Kei

    Like Kai but more approachable and quirky. Means "style" in Japanese.

  • Lucien

    Or Lucian. See "Florian" above.

  • Ocean

  • Olivier

    One of the best androgynous names IMO. Sounds like Olivia, the more feminine version, but has a spelling and look which is more similar to Oliver, the male version.

  • Skyler

    A bit more modern and one of those more trendy names, but one that sounds good on both males and females.

  • Solei

    From "solar" or more common name "Soleil".

  • Sylven

    Like a cross between the verdant "Sylvan" and the shiny, metallic "Silver". Combining natural plants and modern refined silver, to form something quirky and androgynous.

  • Venn

    Short, sleek, cool and punchy. Variation: Ven