Bohemian/ Vintage/ Nature/ Fairytale Inspired Names

Still searching for inspired baby names... I prefer uncommon names or evocative names that carry a positive connotation or evoke a positive feeling. I also love lyrical, heroic, botanical, mythical, romantic, vintage and heartwarming names. - Created by OceanSunrise

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  • Alaska

    Reminds me of freedom, the great outdoors, freshness, the wilderness...

  • Alice

    A classic & enchanting name...

  • Angelina

    A beautiful name...forever associated with "ballerina" :) I also love Angelique.

  • Antiquity

    I love it. An acquired taste...

  • Aquitaine

    A beautiful French provence.

  • Aria

    A feminine word name for music lovers.

  • Arwen

    A Tolkien inspired name of the half - Elven Princess played by Liv Tyler in the LOTR movie trilogy.

  • Aspen

    Evokes images of breathtaking snow-capped mountains & tall trees.

  • Auberon

    Reminds me of a jewel & Oberon. It means bear...

  • Autumn

    A golden/ seasonal word name. Classic yet unique.

  • Avery

    A charming & sassy word name with bird/ nature associations.

  • Angelus

    Means Angel or Angelic in Latin.

  • Aquamarine

    A nature word name for the tropical island lover. Also a precious gemstone.

  • Astronomy

    A strong word name. Acquired taste...

  • Auxerre

    A place in France that I think works as a great boy's name: i.e. it sounds masculine and quintessentially French.

  • Avonlea

    Yes, I love Anne of Green Gables!

  • Bathsheba

    An archaic and exotic name. It's also a Biblical name. I adore it!! I love the combination Bathsheba Richenza or Richenza Bathsheba inspired by VespertineRose's post.

  • Bear

    Alicia Silverstone named her son this's simply gorgeous! Just like her :)

  • Bellatrix

    Love the name, but wish it wasn't a cruel Harry Potter character...otherwise, this would be a grand contender for my baby's name if she is a girl.

  • Branwyn

    A beautiful name mentioned in Arthurian Romances. Also featured in archaic Welsh tales. Interchanged with the name Branwen. It means white-breasted in Welsh.

  • Bronte

    A strong, iconic yet appealing name that references the Bronte sisters. It is a name that captures/ balances a wild spirit with culture. It continues to enthrall...

  • Brunhilda

    A great, strong, old world, viking name...

  • Bardyllis

    An ancient warrior/ the aesthetics of the name...and the endearing nn possibility Bard (poet/ singer etc).

  • Beltaine

    Magical - a guilty pleasure name...a spring pagan/ pre-Christian Celtic festival...

  • Beltania

    A feminine version of Beltaine....

  • Binx

    Another cute name...

  • Bleu Belle

    Has a sweet & charming ring to it....looks pretty too.

  • Cara

    Classic & classy.

  • Catrine

    A cool, sleek & sophisticated name. A fun nickname potential could be "Cat". Great for a family of cat lovers...

  • Celeste

    A heavenly name.

  • Chantilly

    A word name that makes charming reference to French Chantilly lace.

  • Charlett

    A variant of Charlotte. I prefer the Charlett version.

  • Charlotte

    A popular vintage name.

  • Christabel

    A beautiful Christian themed & inspired name.

  • Christian

    A timeless & classic name. A beautiful name that is a longstanding favorite. A name that honors being a follower of Jesus.

  • Claudine

    St Claudine is the patroness of female authors. She was born in Lyons, France. A classic sounding name.

  • Coral

    A beautiful nature inspired name.

  • Cyan

    A modern alternative to Scarlett, Violet, Rose, Lavender etc.

  • Chartreuse

    French word for green.

  • Chesterton

    Stuffy & lovable...

  • Chivalry

    Inspiring first or middle name that captures the romance & heart of the middle ages. Great way to affirm chivalric virtues for a son.

  • Citrine

    A semi-precious gem stone. It sounds very fresh & feminine.

  • Countessa

    Grandiose, fanciful & mischevious.

  • Cyrene

    A strong female figure from classical Greece mythology. Her name means "Sovereign Queen". She was a Nymph.

  • Delphine

    Capturing the wonder & enchantment of mythology & ancient Greece, this beautiful French name references the 'Oracle of Delphi' ( i.e. the priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi).

  • Demelza

    An uncommon name with Cornish etymology. It has an exotic & feminine quality. Beautiful ...

  • Daintree

    Iconic nature name. Inspired by Australia's ancient Daintree Rainforest.

  • Denmark

    A country word name with a Bohemian feel.

  • Eglantine

    Vintage & gorgeous...

  • Elizabella

    A new twist on traditional names Eliza / Elizabeth/ Bella.

  • Elowen

    A gorgeous name with botanical etymolgy (i.e. the Elm tree). I think it's either Cornish or Welsh.

  • Elysia

    A variant of Elyseum. Pretty.

  • Emerald

    A very pretty vintage name. Evocative of the glamorous 20s & 50s. Super chic....

  • Evan

    Elegant & sophisticated with no 'chinz' (i.e. no floral tizz factor or bilious fuss factor) this name for a girl. And I love the name Evan Robert York for a girl.

  • Evangelica

    Another version of Evangeline, only more angelic in word association. Even more reminscent of the herb angelica.

  • Evangeline

    A beautiful name that means "bearer of good news". It also reminds one of the original Evangelists recounted in the Bible. A lovely Christian name.

  • Eve

    Sleek, simple & eternal. I really love this would make an alluring first name.

  • Evening

    A unique and romantic word name. Evan could be its nn.

  • Elyseum

    Another name for Arcadia or Paradise.

  • Evandale

    Sounds a bit preppy yet earthy...

  • Evensong

    Sacred prayer...lovely.

  • Evenstar

    From LOTR...another name for Arwen. Pretty as a middle.

  • Eventide

    Another sacred time/ space for prayer...great middle...

  • Evergreen

    A breath of fresh air...

  • Eärendil

    Eärendil, the (Tolkien-LOTR) mariner, has etymological roots in medieval Anglo-Saxon/ Norse/ German literature and legend. The orginal seafarer was called Éarendel. However, I like the LOTR version because it alludes to the Silmaril - the mysterious shining light captured in the Star of Eärendil.

  • Faith

    An inspirational & traditional name. Great for a middle name.

  • Feather

    Quirky & sweet.

  • Ferelith

    Gaelic for "True Sovereignty" or "True Princess". Authentic Gaelic spelling is Forbhlaith. Stunning! I also like the revamped spelling of Fairylithe/ Fairalith/ Fairelith.

  • Forever

    A highly romantic word name.

  • Faerie

    A whimiscal name found on a name list from the 1800s

  • Faerydae

    A pretty mediaeval name...meaning gift of the Fairies

  • Fairlight

    Love this as a middle name.

  • Fairylight

    This would make an enchanting, whimsical middle name for a girl :)

  • Fairylithe

    My own rendition of Ferelith.

  • Fjord

    Scandinavian nature inspired name.

  • Frangipani

    An uncommon flower name. Great name for summer or beach lovers.

  • Galilee

    Another powerful Christian name.

  • Gardenia

    A very pretty & elegant name for the botany ethusiast & flower name lover.

  • Godiva

    A strong medieval name (note - Latin version of the Anglo-Saxon/ Old English "Godgifu" or "Godgyfu" original). Evocative of Lady Godiva. A medieval champion of justice & muse to many artists through the last 1000 years. I love this name & history/ legend.

  • Hazel

    A warm & pretty botanical name.

  • Hermione

    A gorgeous name popularized by the Harry Potter series.

  • Hero

    Figure in classical Greek poetry. One of my all time fave girl's name....

  • Hope

    A lovely first name.

  • Hazelbrook

    This name feels inviting, cozy and warm. I like it as a middle name.

  • Hibiscus

    A gorgeous tropical flower. Evocative of a tropical island paradise.

  • Holyday

    Great name for babes born on a religious holiday.

  • India

    This has a quintessential bohemian appeal.

  • Isabeau

    A pretty French name.

  • Isis

    A goddess name.

  • Ivy

    Sassy & fresh...

  • Jasper

    A semi-precious stone & a very lovely name.

  • Joshua

    A strong & timeless Biblical name. One of my favorite biblical names for a boy.

  • Kara

    A Valkyrja - meaning "the Stormy One".

  • Kingsley

    A hip & dainty girl's name.

  • Kitten

    Cute, fun, frivolous.

  • Lavender

    Lovely traditional Victorian flower/ herb name.

  • Leopold

    Chic, charming & historic.

  • Liberty

    An inspiring philosophy & name.

  • Luna

    The moon...very dreamy....also a goddess name.

  • Lyon

    A beautiful French city.

  • Laudes

    Morning prayer time. A very pretty & uplifting name.

  • Laudine

    Laud is the latin word for "praise". In the middle ages, laudes was the term for morning prayer time. Furthermore, in the 12th-century French Arthurian Romance "Yvain" (or "The Knight with the Lion") by Chrétien de Troyes, Laudine was the name of a mystical and powerful noblewoman, otherwise known as "The Lady of the Fountain". She is also known as Lyonesse.

  • Leotine

    Sounds wonderfully archaic and heroic.

  • Lucius Artorius

    Possibly the real name of lendendary King Arthur (i.e. Lucius Artorius Castas).

  • Lux

    A dazzling & uncommon Latin word name for light.

  • Luxor

    Exotic Egyptian/ Egyptology inspired city word name.

  • Magnolia

    Pretty botanical name with the endearing nn potential of "Maggie".

  • Marigold

    A botanical name that captures a happy summer's afternoon in the garden filled with golden flowers & golden sunshine.

  • Melanie

    A French name and also a courageous & noble character in 'Gone with the Wind'. It means sweet. However, some also believe it means dark. I love the sound of the prettiest girl's names!

  • Merry

    A whimsical name with a pleasant sound...

  • Mimosa

    A fragrant tropical flower & star in the Southern Cross constellation.

  • Morgana

    A guilty pleasure name...another name of Igraine - King Arthur's mysticaland mantic half-sister....

  • Muse

    A name for a parent with a poetic/ artistic soul.

  • Maebry

    A sweet name that conjures springtime, mayflowers & berries...

  • Magnethia

    Love this! Made it up (as far as I know)...A mish/mash of Magnolia/ Magnus/ Magna/ Agnetha/ Agnes/Thia/ Thais/ Gardeniaia.

  • Mayfair

    A medieval fair held during springtime...

  • Merrivale

    Merri = Merry/ Mary/ Sea etc & Vale = Valor/ Valiant

  • Merrow

    Irish name for mermaid...

  • Minx


  • Nazareth

    A powerfully evocative Christian name.

  • Niven

    Made famous by the actor but not a well-known name. It has a classic sound. It also means "little saint" and has a Scottish etymology.

  • Nightingale

    Lyrical middle name...also references Florence Nightingale...

  • Oceane

    Pronounced the French way, it exudes romance & classic French gorgeousness....little wonder it's popular in France & Canada!

  • Odette

    The 'good Swan' of Swan Lake.

  • Olivine

    A vintage name with a fresh appeal.

  • Oriana

    Too fluffy as a first name for my tastes...but gorgeous as a middle with a unisex first name i.e. Alaska Oriana etc.

  • Oskar

    Another version of the hip vintage name Oscar.

  • Odette Leda Snow

    What a pretty combination of names! Delicate and evocative of winter.

  • Olivia Violet

    Traditional yet fresh...

  • Ostara

    The goddess of spring.

  • Pandora

    An intriguing classical name that evokes a vintage charm & mystery. Uber cool yet "bookish" too...

  • Paris

    Can't think of a timeless/ classic name that everyone agrees is gorgeous? Try Paris. Universal appeal.

  • Perpetua

    A lovely, heroic, early Christian martyr's name...

  • Plum

    Charming homespun middle name.

  • Pomeline

    French for apple. A lovely middle name.

  • Primrose

    A lovely Victorian middle name.

  • Pear

    A yummy, pretty, botanical/ nature inspired middle name for a girl...

  • Persimmon


  • Rain

    A lovely & evocative nature name.

  • Rhonwen

    A pretty Welsh name.

  • Rose

    Classic & timeless beauty.

  • Ruby

    Pretty gemstone...and timeless name.

  • Richenza

    A gorgeously sumptuous, archaic & rare name. It has an Icelandic etymology (i.e. Rikissa/ Rixa) meaning wealthy.

  • Robert

    Great girl's name. Sophicated & smart.

  • Ruby Skye

    Two word names that sound great together. Has a hippy-beachy vibe.

  • Saffron

    An evocative word name. A spice and a color - it's an exotic name with a hint of mystery/ enchantment. Very boho.

  • Saga

    Derived from Scandinavian folklore / archaic viking literature.

  • Sage

    Meaning wise or learned, also the herb sage.

  • Sapphire

    I like this precious gemstone word name as a middle name i.e. India Sapphire.

  • Scarlett

    Strong & evocative on many levels...

  • Scotland

    Sublime word name. It's chic, charming & hip.

  • Skye

    A bit trendy but very fresh. Nice nature and heritage name (i.e. Isle of Skye).

  • Snow

    Delicate & beautiful...

  • Spruce

    Another nature name. Evokes imagery of a strong tall tree.

  • Starling

    A bird - great middle option!

  • Summer

    A classic pretty name.

  • Symphony

    For the classicial music lover.

  • Seablue

    Another evocative maritime middle name...

  • Seabrooke

    A possibility for the ocean lover.

  • Seagrass

    I love this as a middle name i.e. Oceane Seagrass Pearl or Ivy Seagrass Oceane etc.

  • Seagreen

    Evocative maritime middle name...

  • Shepardess

    Sounds wonderfully warm & this name :)

  • Sky Violet

    A cool hippy-dippy name that sounds "current" too.

  • Sovereign

    A strong name embedded with many positive, chivalric ideals.

  • Symphonia

    For the lover of orchestral music.

  • Texas

    Strong & masculine.

  • Titania

    Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. A lovely, imaginative namesake....

  • Tearose

    A dainty name. Would make a charming middle name.

  • Thistle

    Perhaps, a middle name? Nature inspired. In heraldry, it has the symbolic meaning of "Noble of Spirit".

  • Troubadour

    A whimsical word name of the French travelling poet & muscian. An iconic figure in mediaeval court romances & classic tales.

  • Tuscany

    A beautiful word name depicting the dreamy Italian provence.

  • Ulysses

    The Ulysses Butterfly; Latin version of ancient Greek Hero (Odysseus).

  • Ulixes

    Another Latin version of Odysseus.

  • Ulyssia

    The female/ feminine version of Ulysses.

  • Utopia

    Futuristic sounding & evocative. Slightly hippy-dippy too...

  • Vesper

    A poetic word name meaning evening prayer.

  • Victoria

    I adore all things Victorian (and Edwardian too). This name is pretty as a first or a middle name i.e. Victoria Ruby or Rose Victoria.

  • Violette

    French version of pretty Victorian name Violet.

  • Viridis

    Evokes the colour of green. Great for a nature lover.

  • Valhala

    A mythic Scandinavian paradise for the heroic fallen.

  • Valkyrja

    A native name of the mythic Valkyrie.

  • Varro

    An ancient Roman librarian/ scribe. Great sound & look...

  • Violetta

    Italian version of pretty Victorian name Violet.

  • Vivaldi

    A delightfully fanciful name in honor of the brilliant Venetian composer.

  • Winter

    A name that envelopes the senses with all the beauty, splendor & romance of winter time.

  • Wynter

    A variant spelling of Winter. I find it very appealing. Especially in the following combinations: Wynter Hazel & Wynter Rose.

  • Wintergreen

    A unique nature word name.

  • Woodland

    Would make a nice middle (word) name for a girl.

  • Wyntreaux

    Rustic, archaic, French inspired version of Winter Rose.

  • York

    Love this for a middle name.

  • Zara

    A regal name. Meaning dawn, heavenly light, stars or a beautiful flower. Also a Biblical name. A timeless beauty.

  • Zenovia

    The latin version of the ancient Syrian warrior queen Zenobia.

  • Zanzibar

    A great destination name...