The Wonders of Nature

- Created by SadieJosephine

  • Ash

    Although slightly melancholic, and imagery bringing pale ruin to mind, Ash has a certain mystical ring. It's intriguing, blunt, and holds romantic potential.

  • Blossom

    This name sounds slighly less artificial than Lily, Rose, or even Violet. Hearing it, you can't help but think of spring, a gentle reminder of abundant and beautiful life. It also has the potential to blossom into any beautiful, delicate flower in the world.

  • Forest

    This name could be used for either son or daughter, being reminiscent of mossy branches, sifting sunlight and shifting shadows, musky and wooden, with brittle leaves crunching underfoot and the sounds of the little woodland creatures all around you.

  • Posy

    An adorable alternate for Rose or Rosie, Posy works as either first or middle name.

  • River

    This name is gorgeous. It'll work well for either son or daughter, first or middle names. Not normally used, it's uniqueness is complimented with its ability to sound both fast and steady, attractive and grand, as well as tumultous and tranquil.

  • Summer

    More of a warm weather girl myself, I prefer the summer months. June, July, August. May, sometimes, depending on the weather. This time of year, the flowers have all blossomed and are in full bloom; the birds sing in the trees as they dodge from branch to branch and protect the nest; the leaves and grass is vibrant green, and the sky is preferably blue. It doesn't get brighter or more family friendly than a sunny summer day.

  • Sunny

    Although fairly recognized from the TV show, Sunny and Share, the name speaks of bright summer days, golden sunlight, brilliant blue skies and vibrant colors.