Baby #3 Name List

Name to couple with Genevieve Avalon (F) & Lochlin Emmeric (M) 2 babes I have already had the pleasure to name ;) I love names that are unique, yet not so unique that as an adult he/she will hate her name. So, these are just some names I have currently found and fallen in love with and the list I will use when we finally conceive another baby. Always open for thoughts and suggestions. - Created by Freakykate

  • Calliope Grey

    I think Calliope has a great feminine touch to go with Genevieve. Nickname would probably be something like "Poppy". Not Calli.

  • Coralie Prim

    Pronounced- Cor-uh-lie. I love this paired with Genevieve, both French names and hence why I prefer the name pronounced how you see it. Its closer to the French pronunciation.

  • Leith Coen

    Not sure I want both sons to have names that begin with L. But I do like how these two sound together.

  • Millicent Gray

    Nickname; Millie

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