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  • Bailey

  • Bonnie

    Bonnie... It's so sweet, and so quaint. I think I'd have to call her Bernadette, though.

  • Bronte

  • Brynlee

    NN Bryn, I know a Brynlee..Mac's sister.

  • Cosima

    Much more substantial than just Cosette.


    Nephele gave me this one... it's my initials in a name.

  • Eponine

    NN 'Ponine. LES MIS! :)


    HADDEN IS HAYDEN'S SISTER. Beautiful name. :)

  • Hayden

    I like Hayden.. So soft and sweet.

  • Hermione

    NN 'Mione- I love this name so much :') Harry potter:)

  • Jana

  • Luna

    LOVEGOOD! I love this name :)

  • Mackenzie

    NN Mac-I know a sweet little Mackenzie.. The name's sorta grown on me.

  • Madeleine

    So long and elegant :) NN Lena

  • Mayanita

  • Meredith

    NN Mer.. sounds oldladyish, but after Grey's I'm obsessing :)

  • Niamh

    I love Niamh. :) I really do. Niamh Louise..PERFECT

  • Rue

  • Sakura

    So cute! :) sounds like it could fit in anywhere.

  • Samantha

    Samantha Barks=Samantha Louise=LOVE. :') NN Sammi

  • Samara

    Samara=exotic Samantha.

  • Sophie

    Cuter than Sophia.

  • Thalassa

    NN Lassie, Thalia... Idk it just stuck! :)

  • Wren

    This is sweet. It's like Lark or Sparrow, except quirky and different.

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