Uniquely different names

I have 4 names picked out for my future children, 2 boys (first and middle) and 2 girls names (first and middle) - Created by Kelsonanny1589

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  • Jude Max

    I love the song 'Hey Jude' by the beatles, and Max has always been one of my favorite names.

  • Never Remembrance

    Never or 'Nev' I came across in a book I was reading called 'Tasting Never' by C.M. Stunich. Remembrance is also a name of a character in a book I read. I believe it was an American girl book I read in the 3rd grade

  • Sonny Rae

    Had a friend in middle school who's sister is named Sonny Rae and I loved it instantly

  • Tucker Dax or Dax Tucker

    Not sure which way it's going to go yet but I love the name.