Six Future Children

This list includes both first and middle names. The combos are <br> <br> Hazel Evangeline <br> Dexter Augustus <br> Piper Ophelia <br> Sawyer Cassius <br> Ruby Genevieve <Br> Rowan Julius <br> <Br> Second Set of Six: <br> Belle Evangeline <br> August Silas <br> Alice Ophelia <br> Sawyer Cassius <br> Rose Genevieve <br> Rowan Julius <br> Other names I like: Delilah "Del" & Felicity "Lis", Luna, Alaska, Aurora, Violet, Juliette, Emmeline, Gwendolyn, Emmalina, Rosalie, Andrew, Toby(Hate Tobias though), Michael, Leo, Declan, Holden, Ronan, Vaughan, Robert, Lachlan, Violetta, Scarlett, Marie, Stephanie, Katherine, Nicholas, Amanda, Pearl, James, Everleigh, Viola <br> <br> - Created by fathomless